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The KUFU Drawer System has been in the design process since 2019. The concept of a quick release (Catch-and-Click™) system* that allowed drawers to be fitted and removed in seconds without tools was a major talking point, whether discussing vehicle builds or sitting around camp fires, so that became our focus.

After engaging Design and Industry a leader in their field of design for manufacture, we started out with the brief and then brainstormed many idea’s and designs until we settled on a unique and comprehensive compression moulded design that allowed flexibility in the tool for 6 lengths and 3 heights. Such a beast of a tool, we had to go offshore to have the tool built, trialled and parts produced, while the assembling and many other components are made in Geelong Australia. The design now provides a platform that would find interest from Defence, medical and large fleets due to the strength / weight ratio and fast fit capabilities.

Along with a quick release feature other considerations were light weight, internal and external lighting, sealed design for external use and all weather conditions, incremental locking points for drawer when opening to stop fully extending on inclines or running away on declines, anti-slip surface, 1 tonne load rating evenly distributed across drawer top and 150kg inside each drawer, smooth operation and full extension of drawer when open, modular to allow custom layout for stacking and different height configurations, built in retaining tracks for sliding eye bolts to secure loads and the optional false floor on the 280 and 460 drawers to allow water storage at low centre of gravity in a bladder or to hide valuable items, lockable and visually impressing to integrate with the current feel of the new vehicles.

The KUFU Drawer System is the bench mark of the vehicle storage solutions, we carry strong values of product design across our range and products, strong reliable functional products, tested to ADR 43/02 – General safety requirements for safety and peace of mind for recreational, fleets, mining, and defence and above all, to make your experience one that is organised and safe.

Catch-and-Click™ :

A unique catch rear bracket that intercepts the drawer, then slides and locks with a locking pin at the front. The pin access is only available when the drawer is opened, preventing theft. Offering flexibility whether an SUV or Utility, you can quickly and easily remove the system to allow full use of the rear of the vehicle and refit for touring or work needs, all by hand – No Tools required. (Note: the mounting platform can stay in the vehicle or remove in minutes with a simple ratchet and socket set).

LED lighting :

Internal and external LED lighting powered by our own Lithium battery system. Internal lighting is activated the moment you open the drawer and soft fades when closed, offering defused glow it will not blind you and is directed to the contents of the drawer. The external dual high output task lights are controlled by a switch on the drawer front, these provide ample light to light up a camp site for cooking, set up or working on site at night.

Drawer sizes :
More Solutions.

As a modular system the drawers offer 6 lengths and 3 height options. With 180mm, 280mm and 460mm high options, the 460mm offers the largest volume on the market and lengths from 750mm to 1700mm – covering more vehicles and able to custom fit to trailers, boats and caravans, the possibilities are endless.

All weather I.P sealed and UV stable :

The only drawer system that is truly sealed and can withstand external use. The design features gaskets, seals and venting, all moving components are kept sealed from dust and moisture when closed, which prevents premature wear and failure, can be left outside in our harsh conditions. The system is designed to allow washing with water and soap (hose pressure) to keep clean externally. High pressure blasting the top is fine, however, not recommended for drawer front as this can penetrate gasket seals around the LED task lights and handle.

1 Tonne load rating across twin drawers / 150kg Drawer load rating :

The best load rating in the business – 1 tonne across the top, evenly distributed, now you can load the Ute and organise the tools thanks to the strong composite design. Whether you need to carry pallets of gear or the side by side, the system can handle it. The market leading drawer rating is achievable by our patented slide system and the composite structure, so throw the tools or camping gear in knowing they are protected and organised.

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