Roof Top Tents

The KUFU roof tent range has been designed and developed with careful consideration for strength, longevity, weight and comfort and comes with a 12 month warranty.

An 8oz Heavy-duty Poly-cotton canvas, waterproofed by PU (Polyurethane impregnated) coating, double stitched taped seams and mould proofed was chosen. A water column rating of 2000mm provided protection from wet weather and a high level of breathability.

Superior strength, weight reduction and excellent water shedding which will withstand the harsh climates of heavy down pours to humid tropical conditions was achieved.

Frame & Hinge set

The aluminium frame set and stainless steel hinge mechanism is of the highest rate on the market using 22mm Diameter anodised alloy frame set, cast alloy pole to hinge connectors and 3mm stainless steel hinges, to minimise cross wind movement and providing stability reducing sleep interruption in harsh weather.


The 60mm high density foam mattress (235x140x6cm), reduces the overall weight, yet provides a very comfortable bed and allows for bedding and pillows to be stored while travelling.

It also reduces the overall folded height, resulting in less wind drag while travelling, which could result in improved fuel economy overall.