RCD-GPO 2000 watt Inverter Kit

  • RCD-GPO 2000 watt Inverter Kit

RCD-GPO 2000 watt Inverter Kit



RCD-GPO 2000 watt Inverter Kit

Served to you on a plate with a side of RCD & GPO’s, just add DC.

Enerdrive’s range of RTG (Ready to Go) Inverter packages allows for quick installation of an RCD protected 230v circuit from your 12v power supply. Only connection of the DC supply is needed.

Think you might like AC power in more than one spot in the Vehicle? Enerdrive have thought of this too. By utilising a clever AC Plug & Play GPO system you can quickly and easily add extra AC power points by just plugging them in. All power points are Double Pole with the system incorporating a Type ‘A’ RCDBO with M.E.N Protection for safety and compliance in all permanently mounted mobile applications.

These Inverter Packages are great for Professional Vehicles such as Telecommunications, Energy, Council, and Emergency Vehicles and let’s not forget Recreation Vehicles like Caravans, Motorhomes, Camper Trailers and Marine applications.

Installation is quick and easy, requiring only 6 mounting screws for the plate and connection of the DC power. Your system is now ready to go.

See inverter EN1120S for inverter specs