Enki Wild Biomass stove

Outdoor camp stove

Enki Stove Wild is a outdoor camp stove, designed to run with every kind of biomass, avoiding the transportation of gas tanks or charcoal, everywhere and without smoke.
Barbecue or cooker? All
Enki Stove Wild is not a survival item! Wild is a professional cooker stove, it’s powerful and you can use it to cook and grill as a pro, without wasting a lot of wood or gas.

Sustainable energy is our mission
Enki Stove Wild is a portable pyrolytic stove. Our stove transforms the fuel into gas instead of burning it directly. Through this particular process, you can have a clean, stable and smokeless flame.

Weight 1,3 Kg

Size 21,5 x 15 cm

Power 2,7 kW

Power Supply USB 5V

Battery Life 50 hours ( on a single change )

Fuel Any Biomass

Chamber Max Capacity ~ 200 gr. ( wood pellets )

Stay glamping, stay bush craft, stay prepping!